Welcome to Viridis Aurum!

(\ˈvir-əd-əs\ \ˈau̇r-əm\).

For years we have been passionate about the curing process and seasoning of olives.


"Nonna, puoi insegnarmi a curare le olive?"

"Grandma, can you teach me how you cure olives?"

It started in the summer of 2001...

I had started my yearly trips to Capaci, Palermo, Sicily (Capaci henceforth) where I had tasted my first home cured olive. Now growing up I had always loved olives. As a child you could find me with 10 digits covered in black pearl olives in the kitchen. My mother could not keep me away from Spanish olives when cooking, and any trip to the deli ended with me eating any kind of olive that was available. Gaeta, Kalamata, Sicilian, Cerignola and even my least favorite, the oil cured. Ive had them all, but a hand cured olive? Made by my grandmother?! I can still to this day remember the texture and flavor of that first year, it was heavenly. Two years later I asked the question that would change how I see olives forever. "Nonna poui insegnarmi a curare le olive?" ("Grandma, can you teach me how you cure olives?") and so started my lesson. The initial instructions were short, very short, in fact. Just 3 ingredients and the use of a very very peculiar measuring device. But, the real learning came in the following 5-6 years. I had learned to make my own olives for personal consumption, but when friends and family started eating them (when I was generous enough to share) and all had the same response of, "You gotta sell these, they are amazing!" I knew I needed to make a system for production. Adding 1 extra ingredient to the brine, using proper measuring techniques, and a set collection of herbs and spices I was able to get batch after batch within the same taste groupings. Naturally when working with a natural food you will always have slight changes in flavor and consistency, but that would be up to mother nature. In 2013 Viridis Aurum, LLC was created and is now serving you, quite possibly, thee best tasting olives you will have ever eaten in your life (or close to it).

Since then...

Visits to the motherland have decreased but dedication towards creating a more perfect olive have never been stronger. Originalis, Conditvs, and Citrvm have been born and new and delicious items are on the way! Visit the online store to order!

100% All Natural

From the olive groves of California to curing vats of New York our olives are 100% all natural. ABSOLUTELY NO GMOs, artificial flavorings, colorings or chemicals. Unlike many commercial olive companies that may use lye to cure their olives (yuck!), we use a special salt water brine to cure ours. Any and all herbs and spices used in the seasonings for the 'flavored' olive options are all natural/non GMO as well.